Polytope Hooded Jacket Men's - SOLD

Visually understated hooded jacket with a cotton face fabric with a matte finish for a clean exterior that lends to the discreet silhouette of the garment, bonded to a fleece backer for cool weather comfort. An arrangement of functional pockets are quietly concealed into the design.

Colour: Black
Year: 2013
Color: Black

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Polytope Hooded Jacket Men's

The Polytope Hooded Jacket is an exercise in stealth, melding comfort and protection into a visually restrained package. The matte optic of a cotton face softshell textile and clean exterior are complimented by taped seams and tapered stretch cuffs that aid in smoothing out the silhouette, while articulated sleeves and gusseted patterning accommodate action and movement. Despite the minimal looks, an interior laminated stretch woven pocket is big enough to accommodate an envelope or boarding pass with ease — a perfect example of this design’s smartly concealed capabilities.
Weight 572 g / 1 lb 4.2 oz
Model: 12284
Year: Spring 2013


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