Insulated Field Jacket Men's

Versatile, waterproof, insulated jacket designed with ample pocket options and a definitive militaristic look for urban styling.

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$1,195.00 new$848.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2011
Color: Black
Size: XS
Condition:Like New

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Insulated Field Jacket Men's

The Insulated Field Jacket takes an iconic, militaristic look and transforms it into a definitive cold weather design. Providing adaptable configuration for multi-tasking and multi-purpose warmth, this 140-gram Coreloft™ insulated version of the Field Jacket LT has two types of pocket—brushed vertical zippered hand pockets and easy access horizontal drop pockets. A lighter 80-gram Coreloft™ application to the sleeves eases layering and the 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro ensures protection against wind and water.
Weight 728 g / 1 lb 9.7 oz
Model: 9622
Year: Fall 2011


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