HS02 Long Coat Men's

An understated 3/4 length coat with a lightweight fleece interior; fully windproof and waterproof while remaining soft-to-the-touch.

ReGEAR™ Price:
$995.00 new$501.00
Colour: Coal
Year: 2009
Color: Coal
Size: S
Minor discoloration on multiple locations.

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HS02 Long Coat Men's

This understated overcoat invisibly incorporates the technology within. Soft inside and out, the lightweight Long Coat is made with GORE-TEX® Soft Shell, a 100% waterproof textile and construction that breathes to continually regulate personal comfort. A lightweight fleece interior adds warmth, and subtle anatomical shaping provides a naturally comfortable fit. An included PACLITE® hood snaps onto the flip-up collar.
Weight 760 g / 1 lb 10.8 oz
Model: 7453
Year: Fall 2009


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