Galvanic IS Coat Men's

Intelligently constructed, durable, water resistant GORE-TEX™ thigh length coat with ample warmth, designed with an unobtrusive versatile silhouette for urban lifestyle.

ReGEAR™ Price:$1,195.00 new$554.00 - $624.00
Colour: Navy Blue
Year: 2015
Color: Navy Blue
Minor discoloration on multiple locations.

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Galvanic IS Coat Men's


  • GORE-TEX® 3L
  • 100% nylon face
  • 80gsm Coreloft™
  • 60gsm Coreloft™


Keeping insulation unobtrusive within an immaculate nylon faced GORE-TEX® shell that’s softer and quieter than its previous incarnation, the Galvanic IS Coat is an intelligently constructed, durable and waterproof design operating on a concept of stealth warmth. Focused on asserting an outward appearance that doesn’t betray the structured multi-layered usability within, the technical benefits are only recognizable to the wearer of this minimal yet versatile silhouette. Insulation ends at the hip with a lighter fill in the sleeves for a trimmer fit that further reduces garment weight and bulk. A trim hood is now removable — attachable with snap fastenings — and easily stowed in one of the pockets for a more sleek and traditional collar. WaterTight™ zippered hand pockets and asymmetrical cuffs with hidden stretch gasket closures exemplify the coat’s concealed sense of function.


  • Waterproof/Breathable
  • Taped seam construction
  • Light insulation that ends at the hip, with a lighter fill in the sleeves for trimmer fit and less bulk
  • Adjustable hood that snaps on/off
  • 2 hand pockets with hidden zippers
  • 2 internal zippered pockets
  • Rear overlapping vent
  • WaterTight™ external zippers maximize the jackets weather defenses
  • Note: Our WaterTight™ zippers are highly water resistant, but not waterproof. We do not recommed keeping items in your pockets that may be damaged by moisture.
Weight 685 g / 1 lb 8.2 oz
Intended Use: Cold
Model: 14820
Year: Fall 2015


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