Dromos Tech T-Shirt Men's

Elevated performance in a versatile composite tee for multiple activities.

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$250.00 new$142.00
Colour: Solar
Year: 2023
Color: Solar
Size: L
Faint discoloration on collar.

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Dromos Tech T-Shirt Men's

Summer frees you to transcend landscapes. Lightweight and designed for exceptional versatility, the Dromos is styled for the city but is unafraid to transcend boundaries. The composite construction maps a wicking polyester and a lightweight jersey to optimize durability, breathability, and moisture management. Ultrasonic finishing throughout creates exceptionally clean seams for superior comfort and a streamlined finish. The fit is relaxed. Articulation elevates freedom of movement.
Weight 135
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: X000006584
Year:  2023

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