Align Jacket Men's

Lightweight hooded jacket constructed with waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® textile, and enhanced with an array of pockets for storage of personal items

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$795.00 new$525.00
Colour: Calcite
Year: 2012
Color: Calcite
Size: XL
Heavy discoloration on multiple locations.

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Align Jacket Men's

The Align Jacket is a lightweight shell that implements a sporting heritage, built with the highest level of GORE-TEX® Pro protection available. This is an upper echelon but minimal creation for a user that requires pinpoint weather protection and a tailored fit that’s free of the superfluous. The extreme technical nature of the design is covertly masked with integrated zipper flaps and the lined collar still provides an element of comfort, while WaterTight™ zippered hand and chest pockets are perfect examples of the jacket’s concealed function.
Weight 409 g / 14.4 oz
Model: 11840
Year: Fall 2012


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