Metric IS Hoody

Versatile hoody delivering breathable warmth and comfort.

ReGEAR™ Price:
$300.00 new$190.00
Colour: Limelight
Year: 2022
Color: Limelight
Size: L
Minor discoloration on multiple locations.

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Metric IS Hoody

Made for life in motion the Metric’s measured warmth gives you the thermal comfort to make winter yours. Octa® Loft breathable insulation and an air-permeable Fortius™ Air 20 outer deliver warmth, durability, and light weather protection while allowing temperature regulating airflow. The style’s inspired by your favorite hoody, Velcro on the sleeves lets you add your patches, and the fit and sizing are inclusive and comfortable.

Weight 330
Intended Use: Around Town / Commute
Model: X000005569
Year:  2022

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