Zoa Hoody Women's

Lightweight, versatile Torrent™ stretch fleece pullover with a snug fitting hood to seal in warmth.

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$139.00 new$104.00
Colour: Lemon Zest
Year: 2015
Color: Lemon Zest
Size: XS
Condition:Like New

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Zoa Hoody Women's

Highly versatile, the Zoa Hoody is an essential piece for female climbers and alpinists. Lightweight Torrent™ stretch fleece ensures a snug fit for additional warmth, and the brushed fleece is soft next to the skin. The trim fitting ScubaHood™ seals in warmth and fits comfortably underneath a climbing helmet. A perfect mid-layer piece for those cold days in the mountains. Cold hands are never fun so we’ve added thumbholes in the sleeves and a zippered Kangaroo pocket to help keep your hands warmer. The deep front zipper enables easy entry and exit while keeping the zipper bulk out from under you harness waistbelt. Though it was designed as a technical layering piece for climbers, the Zoa Hoody will quickly become a ‘everyday use’ layer due to the Torrent™ fabrics buttery soft feeling and warmth.”

Weight 260 g / 9.2 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: 15534
Year: Spring 2015

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