Trino Jersey LS Women's - SOLD

Performance oriented jacket with a combination of WINDSTOPPER® and stretchy Altasaris™ fabric for increased breathability. Ideal for high-output activities in cold conditions such as winter running and cross country skiing

Colour: Grenadine
Year: 2012

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Trino Jersey LS Women's

This new fast-forward jacket combines precipitation shedding WINDSTOPPER® fabric in the front, across the shoulders and in the top of the arms, pared with super stretchy Altasaris™ textile underneath the arms, across the back and on the sides to increase breathability and mobility. A full-length windproof zipper guard prevents further wind leakage, while the collar and chin flap are made of chafe-free brushed polyester for extra comfort.
Weight 341 g / 12.0 oz
Intended Use: Running
Model: 9604
Year: Fall 2012

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