Trino Jacket Women's

Breathability and stretch with the weather protection of WINDSTOPPER® in a jacket for four season, high output aerobic activities.

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$199.00 new$88.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2013
Color: Black
Size: M
Minor discoloration on midsection. Faint pilling on interior. Five or more faint pinholes on multiple locations. Minor unthreading on underarms.

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Trino Jacket Women's

Designed with a focus, the Trino Jacket combines the weather resistant, windproof protection of WINDSTOPPER® with the air permeable stretch performance of Vistrasari™. Protection is focused on the front of the jacket. The chest, shoulders and tops of the arms are constructed from WINDSTOPPER®. Utilizing Vistrasari™ under the arms and on the back and sides elevates temperature regulation and ergonomic freedom.


Every feature on the Trino Jackett is selected for moving quickly. Stash pockets in the rear are designed for grabbing energy foods or other small essentials without breaking stride, and the zippered hand pockets securely hold essentials. The drop hem at the back provides added coverage, and the collar is brushed for softness.


Arc’teryx designs with human motion in mind. Excess fabric or added volume does not truly create ergonomic freedom. Arc’teryx uses advance articulated patterning and gusseted construction for maximum range of motion without excess fabric or volume. The jacket stays streamlined, and motion is free.

Weight 365 g / 12.9 oz
Intended Use: Backcountry Skiing / Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 12760
Year: Fall 2013

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