Taema Arc'Bird Crew Neck Shirt SS Women's

Light and comfortable performance shirt for high-output mountain activities.

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$70.00 new$46.00
Colour: Daybreak Heather
Year: 2024
Color: Daybreak Heather
Size: XS
Condition:Like New

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Taema Arc'Bird Crew Neck Shirt SS Women's

Hike, run, climb – the versatile Taema’s comfort frees you to get out there and embrace the day. Phasic LT fabric, made with 80% recycled polyester, delivers moisture management, breathability, and softness on your skin. Articulated patterning gives you freedom to move, an antimicrobial treatment minimizes odours, and the seam construction reduces bulk and increases comfort. Features a small Bird graphic on the chest and a larger Bird graphic on the back.
Weight 85
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking / Running / Fitness
Model: X000007694
Year:  2024

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