Sylan Shoe Women's

Breathable, comfortable mountain running shoe designed for maximizing speed.

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$200.00 new$126.00
Colour: Smoke/Shark
Year: 2024
Color: Smoke/Shark
Size: 9
Condition:Like New

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Sylan Shoe Women's

Athlete-inspired and built for speed, this is the shoe for mountain runners looking to move faster on technical trails. The midsole’s rocker geometry drives propulsion and is made from InFuse, a light, highly responsive EVA and Polyolefin composition that provides rebound and absorbs shock. The grippy Vibram Megagrip outsole uses LITEBASE technology to shed weight without sacrificing performance, and aggressive lugs deliver a confident bite. The fit locks tight, and a knit collar seals out debris.

Weight 292
Intended Use: Running
Model: X000009032
Year:  2024

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