Ski Guide Pant Women's

Durable, fully featured GORE-TEX PRO pant for ski guide & ski patrol professionals.

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$750.00 new$405.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2021
Color: Black
Size: XL
Faint discoloration on multiple locations.

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Ski Guide Pant Women's

The hardwearing Ski Guide Pant is built for professionals working in severe winter conditions. It is built with highly durable but lightweight N100d 3L GORE-TEX PRO Most Rugged to protect against harsh mountain environments and equipment. Equipped with removable foam kneepads, thigh vents, and high-volume thigh pockets for tools and notebooks. TPU instep guards protect boot cuffs from cuts and abrasion. This pant is ideal for ski guides and ski patrollers looking for a balance of weight and durability.

Weight 495
Intended Use: Backcountry Skiing / Ski Patrol / Ski Guiding
Model: X000004893
Year:  2021

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