Sentinel LT Pant Women's - SOLD

Lightweight (LT), versatile GORE-TEX backcountry ski and snowboard pant. | LT: Lightweight.

Colour: Wander
Year: 2021

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Sentinel LT Pant Women's

The backcountry. It’s never a constant. But the Sentinel LT handles it with style. Lightweight waterproof, windproof GORE-TEX fabric with GORE C-KNIT™ backer technology is quiet, durable and has excellent breathability. Side zips add ventilation, and articulation improves freedom on traverses and descents. PowderCuffs™ seal out snow, and the Slide ‘n Loc™ attaches the pant to compatible jackets to create a unified system. This is a true backcountry pant. But it also loves a day in-bounds.

Weight 475 g / 1 lb 0.8 oz
Intended Use: Backcountry Skiing / Ski/Snowboard
Model: X000004974
Year:  2021

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