Sentinel Bib Pant Women's

Durable, versatile GORE-TEX bib for the backcountry and resort.

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$700.00 new$511.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2023
Color: Black
Size: 6
Condition:Like New

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Sentinel Bib Pant Women's

Big mountains and deep snow – the Sentinel’s made for epic days. Articulated and patterned to move, it lets you ride without restriction. Storm protection comes from the N80p 3L GORE-TEX fabric. Durable, waterproof, windproof, and breathable, it has a brushed liner to add light insulation and softness. The full bib ups the protection and has a large front pocket to stash gloves or snacks. PowderCuffs™ keep out snow, thigh vents dump heat, and an embedded RECCO® reflector can aid search and rescue.

Redesigned with a flannel-backed N80p 3L GORE-TEX for improved durability and comfort.

Weight 598
Intended Use: Big Mountain Skiing / Backcountry Skiing / Freeride & Freeride Touring / Snowboard
Model: X000007269
Year:  2023

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