Salal Jacket Women's

Complete GORE-TEX weather protection for mountain activities and off-mountain adventures.

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$550.00 new$342.00
Colour: Forage
Year: 2023
Color: Forage
Size: XXS
Faint discoloration on multiple locations.

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Salal Jacket Women's

Designed for mountain performance and a clean aesthetic, the Salal is made for unpredictable weather and a range of adventures. Light, strong, comfortable GORE-TEX fabric seals out wind, rain, and snow and has GORE C-KNIT™ backer technology for added softness and breathability. The extended length and adjustable hood add coverage, and a back vent helps regulate temperature. The streamlined fit adjusts at the waist and allows room for layers when the days get cold.
Weight 325
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking / Around Town
Model: X000006960
Year:  2023

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