Proton FL Hoody Men's

Lightweight, insulated, air permeable softshell for summer alpine and rock climbing. | FL: Fast and Light.

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Colour: Proteus
Year: 2019
Color: Proteus
Size: S
Faint discoloration on chest.

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Proton FL Hoody Men's

The Proton FL Hoody balances air permeability and thermal protection during summer alpine and rock climbing, giving comfort over a wide range of temperatures, conditions and output levels. The Fortius™ Air 20 fabric has light wind resistance and air permeability, while Octa® Loft breathable insulation maintains a comfortable micro climate. A low profile, fitted, adjustable hood is uninsulated to fit well under a helmet but still give wind protection. Featured with two zippered chest pockets and two zippered hand warmer pockets.

Weight 320 g / 11.3 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: 23101
Year: Spring 2019


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