Procline Support Boot Men's

The first ski alpinism boot with revolutionary 360° rotating cuff for unmatched climbing and ski performance.

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$750.00 new$428.00
Colour: Graphite
Year: 2016
Color: Graphite
Size: 27.5
Condition:Like New

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Procline Support Boot Men's

Built for technical alpine ascents and demanding ski descents, the Procline Support combines support with exceptional agility. The patented 360° rotating cuff delivers unrivaled vertical and lateral ankle freedom while climbing, then locks down for the stiffness and power transfer necessary for skiing. The thermoformable Procline Support liner provides flexible support, the patent-pending Hybrid Closure System’s design secures the foot, and a full-coverage gaiter seals out snow.

Weight 2520 g / 5 lb 8.9 oz
Intended Use: Ski Alpinism
Model: 20381
Year: Fall 2016

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