Procline Carbon

Ski alpinist’s boot delivering unmatched climbing and ski performance.

ReGEAR™ Price:$1,000.00 new$570.00
Colour: Black/Liken
Year: 2018
Color: Black/Liken
Condition:Like New

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Procline Carbon

Light, agile and supportive, this is the boot for climbers who ski their descents. The patented 360° rotating cuff delivers unrivaled vertical and lateral ankle agility while climbing. On ski descents, it locks in place and employs a carbon-fibre reinforced construction for support and power transfer to the ski. A zippered gaiter provides protection, and the closed-cell liner is warm and moldable for a custom fit. A redesigned power strap and upgraded pivot-point washers improve durability.

Weight 2480 g / 5 lb 7.5 oz
Intended Use: Ski Alpinism
Model: 24662
Year: Fall 2018

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