Piedmont Vest Men's

Warm, packable down vest for cold, dry days in the city.

ReGEAR Price:
$249.00 new$187.00 used
Colour: Sublunar
Year: 2020
Color: Sublunar
Size: S
Condition:Like New

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Piedmont Vest Men's

On city days that are dry and cold – the ones that have that bite in the air – you need a vest that combines warmth and performance with refined style. The Piedmont Vest is it. Inspired by our Cerium SV then upstyled for the city, it’s filled with responsibly sourced 750-fill European grey goose down and has a water repellent finish that resists light moisture. The look is streamlined and clean, pockets are accessible and secure, and its light weight and packability make it great for travel.

Weight 290 g / 10.2 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 25883
Year:  2020


This item was designed to last a long time, and it still has lots of life left. By keeping Arc'teryx products in action, we keep them out of the landfill and you get great products for less.

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