Parsec Coat Men's - SOLD

Three-quarter length, brushed interior windproof waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX® long coat with urban style and technical performance.

Colour: Tamarind
Year: 2014

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Parsec Coat Men's

Comfort and quality bring confidence. The waterproof/breathable N80p-X GORE-TEX® Fabric with 3L lo-loft soft shell construction Parsec Coat pays tribute to the Arc’teryx commitment to bring waterproof/breathable alpine performance to everyday living needs. No leaks, drafts, or obscured vision, just comprehensive, stylish protection from serious weather.


Used in some of the most technical Arc’teryx hardshells, the windproof, hardwearing, waterproof/breathable N70p GORE-TEX® with softshell technology material is quiet, supple, and reliable. The brushed liner adds light insulation, and has soft, comfortable feel.


The Parsec is every inch Arc’teryx. Features are carefully selected to meet the performance and style demands of downtown streets. Streamlined WaterTight™ zippers create a secure closure with minimal bulk, snap wrist closures seal out drafts, and the DropHood™ cinches securely for full protection with maximum visibility and integrates a high protective collar for added protection from driving wind and rain.

Weight 635 g / 1 lb 6.4 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 11120
Year: Fall 2014

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