Norvan Windshell Jacket Men's

Superlight, packable, ultra-minimalist trail running windshell.

ReGEAR™ Price:$130.00 new$104.00
Colour: Solitude
Year: 2022
Color: Solitude
Condition:Like New

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Norvan Windshell Jacket Men's

Superlight trail running – it’s like flying. When your kit is weightless, you glide across technical terrain. Diligently refined to deliver maximum performance for the least possible weight, the Norvan protects you on exposed trails and prepares you for shifting conditions. Canim™ ripstop resists wind and moisture, Permair 20™ panels ventilate, a mid-height collar extends protection, and – at just 90 grams and packing into its own pocket – it travels virtually unnoticed. Until you need it.

Weight 90
Intended Use: Running
Model: X000005806
Year:  2022

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