Norvan Belt

Trail running waistpack providing efficient gear carriage with a secure fit.

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$70.00 new$55.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2023
Color: Black
Size: M
Condition:Like New

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Norvan Belt

Comfortable, streamlined, and efficient, this is a simple solution to bring the basics – phone, 500mL flask, ultralight shell, and energy gels – on shorter duration trail runs. The breathable PowerNet nylon stretches for a secure fit and wraps gear for a bounce-free carry. Large pockets front and back and smaller ones at the sides organize your kit and are easy to access on the move. Great on its own or paired with one of our Norvan Vests for expanded storage on big days.
Weight 81
Intended Use: Running / Fitness
Model: X000007516
Year:  2023

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