Mantis 20 Backpack

Comfortable, compact, highly versatile 20L pack made with recycled materials.

ReGEAR™ Price:
$140.00 new$95.00
Colour: Black Sapphire
Year: 2022
Color: Black-Sapphire
Size: One-Size

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Mantis 20 Backpack

Travel light, cover more ground. Compact, organized, and comfortable, the 20L Mantis holds the gear you need for short hikes – or long hikes with a refined kit. The padded back and internal frame sheet create a comfortable, balanced carry, and the topload design gives you quick, wide-open access to the main compartment. Smaller pockets organize gear, an internal sleeve carries a hydration reservoir or laptop, and adjustable side pockets hold water bottles, windshell, or camera.
Weight 930
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking / Around Town
Model: X000006933
Year:  2022

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This item was designed to last a long time, and it still has lots of life left. By keeping Arc'teryx products in action, we keep them out of the landfill and you get great products for less.

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