Lumin Mock Neck Top Women's - SOLD

Organic cotton and recycled polyester combine in a soft, warm everyday top.

Colour: Coppermist Heather
Year: 2021
Color: Coppermist Heather

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Lumin Mock Neck Top Women's

A conscious choice – style, materials and comfort you will feel good about. Designed for city wear and great for urban travel, the trim fitting Lumin Mock Neck Top is made from a blend that includes organic cotton and recycled polyester. Soft and warm, the fabric combines natural comfort with quick-dry performance and has a heathered rib for a sophisticated look and cleaner fit. The mock neck adds warmth and style, and the ¾ sleeves hit just below the elbow.

Weight 165 g / 5.8 oz
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: X000005386
Year:  2021

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