Lanora Full Zip Hoody Women's

Versatile performance hoody in a warm, comfortable 290gsm Tech Wool blend.

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$200.00 new$116.00
Colour: Velvet Sand
Year: 2022
Color: Velvet Sand
Size: XXS
Condition:Like New

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Lanora Full Zip Hoody Women's

Minimalist design, natural comfort, technical performance – it all comes together in a soft, warm, versatile hoody created to handle a range of mountain adventures. Tech Wool blends recycled polyester with non-mulesed wool to create a stretch fabric that’s soft, warm, and delivers technical performance. And the simplicity of design – refined to eliminate anything extraneous – results in a hoody that performs as a midlayer or standalone on day hikes, alpine adventures, and evenings at basecamp.

Size and Fit Tips: Regular Fit - Our classic fit is cut comfortably throughout the chest, waist, hip, and thigh. It allows freedom of movement, provides shape, and layers comfortably under our regular and relaxed fit shells. Be sure to reference our new sizing charts before you check out.

Weight 450
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking / Around Town
Model: X000005909
Year:  2022

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