Konseal LT Shoe Women's

Light, supportive approach shoe with barefoot comfort and confident grip.

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$140.00 new$69.00
Colour: PEARL GREY/Solitude
Year: 2022
Color: PEARL GREY/Solitude
Size: 8.5
Faint creasing on outsoles. Faint discoloration on multiple locations. Item is missing a style or size tag.

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Konseal LT Shoe Women's

With its advanced technologies, lighter – but reliably durable – materials, and a focused, minimalist design, the Konseal LT is our lightest approach shoe. Designed to move you over uneven ground while you’re carrying a pack and climbing gear, it delivers underfoot support and protection, the agility to handle shifting terrain, and the confident grip of a Vibram® Megagrip outsole. The inner provides barefoot comfort, and the heel folds flat so you can wear it as a clog while belaying or at camp.

Weight 245
Intended Use: Rock Climbing / Alpine Climbing
Model: X000006953
Year:  2022

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