Eyso Jacket Women's

Windproof, moisture resistant, three quarter length hooded coat constructed with stretchy WINDSTOPPER textile. Ideal for use from resort to town

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$399.00 new$176.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2012
Color: Black
Size: S
Moderate discoloration on multiple locations. Faint fading on multiple locations.

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Eyso Jacket Women's

This unique, understated mid-length coat with beautifully finished and discreet details makes a stylish transition from resort to town. Stretchy, comfortable WINDSTOPPER® fabric is fully windproof, moisture resistant and very comfortable, allowing the wearer to move easily. A gridded, micro fleece backer, hood and tall collar lend warmth in cold conditions.
Weight 605 g / 1 lb 5.3 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 11122
Year: Fall 2012

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