Eon SLW Hoody Women's

Lightweight base layer with hood, constructed using Merino Wool to maximize moisture management; Ideal for active use and during extended backcountry trips

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$129.00 new$84.00
Colour: Calypso
Year: 2012
Color: Calypso
Size: M
Condition:Like New

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Eon SLW Hoody Women's

Made with naturally soft and odour resistant Merino wool, this lightweight base layer with a warming hoody is ideal for active use and extended backcountry trips. Merino wool naturally adjusts its thermal properties as it reacts to changing humidity levels. Our premium textile features highly resilient stretch to maintain skin contact, maximizing moisture management and thermal efficiency, speeding dry-time, and reducing layering bulk.
Weight 219 g / 7.7 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: 8176
Year: Fall 2012

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