Eave T-Shirt Women's

Airy, soft, lightweight tee with a stretch.

ReGEAR™ Price:$200.00 new$119.00 - $132.00
Colour: Aerial
Year: 2023
Color: Aerial
Size: S

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Eave T-Shirt Women's

An essential for the summer wardrobe, the elegant, comfortable Eave is made to move you across city environments on hot days. Created from a four-way stretch polyester plain weave, it combines excellent drape and soft comfort with freedom of movement and technical performance. Stitchless, with ultrasonic finishes at neck and arms, make it clean, streamlined, and smooth. The neckline is scooped at the back, and the fit is open and comfortable but streamlined enough to layer under other elements.
Weight 105
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: X000006528
Year:  2023

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