Darter Jacket Men's - SOLD

Streamlined, lightweight shell for wind and weather protection during high output aerobic activities.

Colour: Oxblood
Year: 2014

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Darter Jacket Men's

Designed to move at a rapid pace, the Darter Jacket is a trim fit, lightweight shell jacket that delivers wind and light weather protection during cool weather running, cross country skiing, snowshoe racing or bike riding. The design combines two fabrics to provide essential weather protection with maximized stretch and air permeability. On the front and areas facing the most direct exposure to the elements, Kauss™ fabric sheds weather. This tightly constructed double weave polyester face helps block wind and precipitation while providing breathability and stretch. The back panel is stretch knit Suncore™, providing higher levels of stretch and superior next to skin performance and UV protection.


Arc’teryx executes its designs with discipline. Defined by its primary use, the Darter has minimal yet essential stash pockets and reflective safety elements, resulting in a high performance, race ready wind and weather protective shell that weighs a mere 280 grams.


Arc’teryx places a premium on motion. Ergonomic fit is an important detail that may not be immediately visible but makes a significant difference in overall performance and comfort. This freedom is not simply excess volume or space, but carefully planned and patterned ergonomic articulation designed to move as the body moves.

Weight 285 g / 10.1 oz
Intended Use: Nordic/Snowshoeing / Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 14621
Year: Fall 2014

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