Cosine Insulated Jacket Women's

Light warmth and weather resistance in jacket for cool city springs and summers.

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$400.00 new$284.00
Colour: Atmos
Year: 2023
Color: Atmos
Size: L
Condition:Like New

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Cosine Insulated Jacket Women's

Variable weather is a city reality. A core piece for mixed conditions in spring and summer, the superlight Cosine offers measured warmth, resists wind, and repels water with an aesthetic that aligns with the modern urban dress code. The ripstop face fabric is treated to repel moisture, and the 25gsm Coreloft™ adds breathable insulation for milder conditions. Stretch underarm gussets allow airflow, and low-profile pockets secure and organize your day’s essentials without disrupting the clean design.
Weight 190
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: X000006819
Year:  2023

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