Cita SL Jacket Women's - SOLD

Superlight, stowable, minimalist mountain running jacket.

Colour: Holograph
Year: 2019

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Cita SL Jacket Women's

Summer mountain running leverages momentum. Superlight gear frees you to move through technical terrain with minimal weight without compromising protection. The Cita SL Jacket is a superlight, minimalist, stowable jacket for summer mountain pursuits. Using a combination of advanced materials and innovation construction gives wind protection at arms and core, and high air permeability in the back and underarm for thermal regulation. Strategically placed stitching at the forearm raises the sleeves to minimize perspiration build-up and enhance comfort. The minimal and discreet hem gives a secure fit.

Weight 65 g / 2.3 oz
Intended Use: Running / Training/Fitness
Model: X000005310
Year: Spring 2019

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