Ceva Hoody Women's

Versatile, lightweight, insulated hooded jacket designed to be worn as either a cold weather mid layer, or as a stand alone piece in cold dry conditions

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$249.00 new$141.00
Colour: Crocus
Year: 2012
Color: Crocus
Size: XS
Minor discoloration on multiple locations. Minor matting on interior.

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Ceva Hoody Women's

Lightweight, insulated hooded jacket that can be used as a stand alone piece or as a cold weather mid layer. Inset panels of stretch fabric under the arms stop just above the hip for extended range of motion without compromising warmth. Well suited to cold dry conditions. A dropped hem positions jacket for maximum core protection.
Weight 415 g / 14.6 oz
Intended Use: Around Town / Ski/Snowboard
Model: 10981
Year: Fall 2012

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