Bora AR 61 Backpack Women's

Women’s backpack with zonal weather protection and RotoGlide™ hipbelt.

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$549.00 new$390.00
Colour: Winter Iris
Year: 2017
Color: Winter Iris
Size: TALL
Condition:Like New

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Bora AR 61 Backpack Women's

With gear capacity for most 4-7 day trips, the Bora AR 61 backpack leverages hybrid materials and advanced hipbelt technology. The RotoGlide™ hipbelt rotates side-to-side and glides up and down for a more natural stride that reduces chafing and improves balance. GridLock™ shoulder straps adjust both in width and height for a precision fit. The pack body made in 420d and 630d durable nylon fabrics are capped with weatherproof AC² fabric in areas exposed to rain or snow.

Weight 2140 g / 4 lb 11.5 oz
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking
Model: X000005016
Year: Spring 2017

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