Beta AR Pant Women's

Highly versatile GORE-TEX PRO pant for durable, breathable weather protection. Beta Series: All round mountain apparel. | AR: All Round.

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$499.00 new$284.00
Colour: Black
Year: 2020
Color: Black
Size: S
Condition:Like New

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Beta AR Pant Women's

Wind, then sleet, snow, then sleet again – mountain weather is never constant. The Beta AR Pant delivers waterproof, windproof, breathable storm protection and performs across a variety of mountain activities. The GORE-TEX PRO with Most Rugged Technology – a next-gen material we developed in collaboration with Gore – delivers maximum durability. Articulated patterning extends comfort, WaterTight™ side zippers provide drop-seat functionality, and a hidden RECCO® reflector improves searchability in emergency situations.

Weight 450 g / 15.9 oz
Intended Use: All Round
Model: X000004825
Year:  2020

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