Atom Lightweight Vest Women's

Superlight Coreloft™ insulated vest for mid to high output activities. Atom Series: Synthetic insulated mid layers. *The Atom Lightweight Vest was previously the Atom SL Vest.

ReGEAR™ Price:
$150.00 new$85.00
Colour: Bliss
Year: 2023
Color: Bliss
Size: S
Professionally repaired midsection.

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Atom Lightweight Vest Women's

Compact and superlight, our lightest Atom vest easily stashes in your pack, ready to grab when summer temperatures drop. Worn as a midlayer or standalone, it delivers moderate insulation perfect for early morning runs and taking in the view from a freshly bagged peak. The Tyono™ 20 shell balances breathability and wind resistance, and the Coreloft™ insulation is light, compressible, and efficient. Lightweight stretch fleece side panels improve ventilation and hold the fit.

Weight 155
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking / Running / Around Town
Model: X000007121
Year:  2023

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