Astryl Pant Women's

Women’s trim-fitting, versatile on-area GORE-TEX ski and snowboard pant.

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$475.00 new$295.00
Colour: Baja
Year: 2017
Color: Baja
Size: 10
Faint discoloration on legs.

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Astryl Pant Women's

Created specifically for on-area skiing and snowboarding, the Astryl Pant delivers downhill performance with a streamlined aesthetic. Made from strong, supple N70p 3L GORE-TEX fabric with a flannel backer, the Astryl provides complete waterproof, windproof, breathable protection with comfort and light warmth. The women’s specific trim fit is articulated for freedom of movement, side zips provide ventilation on warmer days, and PowderCuffs™ prevent snow from entering boots.

Weight 535 g / 1 lb 2.9 oz
Intended Use: Ski/Snowboard
Model: X000000702
Year: Fall 2017

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