Alpha FL 30 Backpack - SOLD

Exceptionally durable and weather-resistant pack for rock, ice or alpine climbing. Alpha Series: Climbing and alpine focused systems. | FL: Fast and light.

Colour: Carbon Copy
Year: 2020

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Alpha FL 30 Backpack

Fast, light and alpine strong. The Alpha FL 30 Backpack is hardwired for climbing. Exceptionally weather-resistant and durable, its streamlined profile stays out of the way while swinging ice tools and the intuitive pull-to-open/pull-to-close drawcord system gives quick and easy access. A top strap secures a rope and six lash points with an integrated bungee system provide external carry options.

Updated for 2020 with redesigned shoulder straps, an expanded front pocket and a new internal pocket.

Weight 635 g / 1 lb 6.4 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: X000005588
Year:  2020

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