Alpha AR Jacket Men's - SOLD

Light, hardwearing, extremely versatile GORE-TEX® Pro jacket made with a lightweight N40p-X body and burly N80p-X reinforcements. Alpha Series: Climbing and alpine focused systems | AR: All Round.

Colour: Wheatgrass
Year: 2014
Color: Wheatgrass

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Alpha AR Jacket Men's

A finely tuned balance of light weight, extended durability, ergonomic performance and superior weather protection, this is a solid choice for climbers and alpinists looking for an all-round hardshell to perform across the spectrum of alpine conditions. The Alpha AR has a streamlined athletic fit and ergonomic e3D patterning that deliver maximum freedom on rock and ice.


Ergonomic fit is a key Arc’teryx design detail. True freedom of movement is not achieved by adding excess volume or space, but is the result of careful utilization of ergonomically planned articulation designed to move as the body moves. Arc’teryx Ergonomic 3-Dimensional (e3D) patterning crafts the shapes of the parts in key joint areas to bring a remarkably efficient level of articulation that provides the Alpha AR’s exceptional, purpose specific range of motion.


The Alpha AR is a climber’s jacket, and features are selected to meet the alpine environment. Easily accessible crossover pockets sit high and work with harness and packs. The full coverage helmet compatible StormHood™ cinches tight, moves with the head and provides exceptional peripheral vision. Removable HemLock™ inserts keep the jacket in position while in use with a harness. Pit zippers add ventilation, and laminated WaterTight™ zippers help seal out weather.


Reliability comes from selecting the best materials. N40p-X GORE-TEX® Pro 3L has a high tenacity nylon face fabric that leverages a flat filament warp yarn and false twist textured fill yarn to provide excellent initial water repellency. Backed with a micro- grid woven backer, this waterproof/breathable fabric is notably lightweight and durable. The N80p-X GORE-TEX® Pro reinforcements at the shoulders, forearms and cuffs are specifically placed to protect areas exposed to high levels of abrasion. Strategically mapping these reinforcements allows Arc’teryx to deliver a jacket with longwearing performance and protection that weighs a mere 385 grams.

Weight 385 g / 13.6 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: 14561
Year: Fall 2014

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