Aerios 15 Backpack Women

Light, durable single-day pack with smart organization and a comfortable carry.

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$130.00 new$103.00
Colour: Reflection
Year: 2021
Color: Reflection
Size: REG
Condition:Like New

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Aerios 15 Backpack Women

Moving down the trail, finding new terrain, the freedom of travelling light – the Aerios 15 is your pack for daylong adventure. The main compartment is sized right for the day’s essential gear – water, layers, snacks – while shoulder strap and side pockets provide secure, accessible storage. Its lightweight fabric has a liquid crystal polymer ripstop grid for outstanding durability, and the back panel’s breathable AeroForm padding and removable framesheet create a comfortable, flexible carry.

Weight 540 g / 1 lb 3.1 oz
Intended Use: Hiking / Trekking
Model: X000004938
Year:  2021

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