Acrux FL Approach Shoe Women's

Lightweight, air permeable, durable women’s approach shoe with advanced design and exceptional fit. Created to move across technical terrain in warm, dry conditions.

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Colour: Patina/Venom
Year: 2016
Color: Patina/Venom
Size: 7
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Acrux FL Approach Shoe Women's

The light, durable Acrux FL is specifically designed for warm weather hikes and approaches on varied terrain. The highly air permeable micromesh Adaptive Fit liner stretches around the foot for a custom fit, and offers a high level of ventilation. Made from a quick drying PU coated nylon textile, the upper is a seamless single piece utilizing thermolaminated construction to create a smooth, uninterrupted surface that’s lighter in weight, exceptionally abrasion resistant, and not subject to failure at seams. The injected EVA midsole is designed and moulded to work in tandem with the outsole for superior braking on descents and agility on the move. Three dimensional toe and heel caps protect the foot and further extend the Acrux FL’s durability. The design is women’s specific.


Fit is a core focus of all Arc’teryx design. Arc’teryx Technical Performance Footwear employs an exclusive design, Adaptive Fit, featuring a separate internal liner that conforms to an individual’s foot. Minimal seams and stretch textiles create an instant custom fit with no pressure. The Acrux FL uses a highly air permeable stretch monomesh for superior ventilation in warm, dry conditions. Separate construction of the upper from the liner leaves a minute space, which acts as a conduit for air exchange and moisture dispersion, greatly enhancing performance comfort. The elimination of the traditional tongue construction reduces pressure and heat build up on the top of the foot.


Approaches bring mixed terrain and rapid shifts in topography. Surefootedness is essential, but the variety of surfaces encountered used to mean sacrificing one performance aspect to provide another. Unwilling to compromise, Arc’teryx partnered with Vibram® to create an approach sole that meets the variety of conditions without sacrificing ease of stride on flats or durability over the long haul. At the forefoot, a climbing area with traction grooves delivers superior hold on slick rock or granite. A smearing zone under the ball of the foot adds another level of frictive grip, and anti slip lugs hold fast on hard surfaces. The spherical heel is designed for a smooth, stable stride on flats and has an integrated “Y” groove for superior braking on steep descents.

Weight 700 g / 1 lb 8.7 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Hiking
Model: 16688
Year: Spring 2016

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