Acrux FL Approach Shoe Men's

Advanced technical approach shoe with Arc’teryx Adaptive Fit technology, air permeable comfort and a seamless thermolaminated upper.

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Colour: Stone/Big Surf
Year: 2016
Color: Stone/Big Surf
Size: 9
Condition:Like New
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Acrux FL Approach Shoe Men's

With an advanced design specifically geared for technical approaches and day hikes on mixed terrain, the Acrux FL combines Arc’teryx Adaptive Fit comfort, the durability of a seamless thermolaminated upper, and a unique outsole designed for agility, grip and support. The stretch monomesh Adaptive Fit liner forms to the foot for an exceptional fit with no pressure points. Highly air permeable, it delivers the ventilation required for long days in warm, dry conditions. The quick drying single piece upper uses seamless thermolaminated construction for elevated abrasion resistance and irritation free performance. Designed with Vibram®, the Arc’teryx Approach Outsole combines the grippy surefootedness of a climbing shoe with the stability and rolling stride of a hiking sole. Cushioning comes from the injected EVA midsole that is specifically moulded for stability and impact protection on varied terrain.


Arc’teryx designers continually seek improvement, and fit is always a focus. Their advanced performance footwear employs Adaptive Fit, an exclusive design featuring a separate internal liner. The liners are made from stretch textiles that conform to any foot shape, cushion impact, and do not absorb moisture. The construction uses minimal seams to help eliminate irritation and reduce potential for hot spots, and as there is no tongue, pressure and heat build up on the top of the foot are also significantly eased. Separate construction of the upper from the liner leaves a minute space, which acts as a conduit for air exchange and moisture dispersion, greatly enhancing performance comfort.


Advanced technologies set Arc’teryx footwear apart. The Acrux FL’s seamless one piece upper is an immediately visible example. The construction is thermolaminated. There are no seams, just a single, unified piece. Made from a PU coated nylon textile, the upper maintains air permeability and is hydrophobic for fast drying. The simplicity and elegance of this precision process is clean and technical, creating a smooth, uninterrupted surface that’s lighter in weight, exceptionally abrasion resistant, and not subject to failure at seams.

Weight 820 g / 1 lb 12.9 oz
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Hiking
Model: 16686
Year: Spring 2016

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